Alyse Price-Tobler

Clinical Psychotherapist and Counsellor
Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling
SRBoard Accredited SES Primary Road Rescue Officer (prev)

Alyse Price-Tobler is available to help you return to feeling your best in a safe non judgmental environment. 

Alyse is a fully qualified professionally trained Psychotherapist and Counsellor, with 32 years experience in the field of disabilities and mental health within the community.


Alyse has completed a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling and has conducted extensive research for her Masters degree thesis, with women who are experiencing homelessness and mental illness in Western Sydney through the Exodus Foundation, Ashfield, NSW. 

Alyse is also the author and creator of 'The SEMPI Model of Communication ©"  as well as the author and featured speaker in the the digital recording  series known as "STILL ©' 'how to settle your anxious thoughts and learn to be still' in collaboration with world renowned musician, teacher and author, Tania Rose. (See link below for FB and Bandcamp access and to download your FREE copy.)



Alyse has had a life long passion and dedication for her work among members within our community. She has had an extensive 30 year long plus professional career in the area of disabilities and mental health in Western Sydney. Alyse has worked as a professional counselor, psychotherapist, front line crisis worker/case manager, community care worker, disability employment support specialist and Western Sydney DES Area Manager for the SFNSW (also known as 'One Door'). She has worked extensively with both the clients themselves, experiencing mental health issues and or a disability, their families, community support organisations and places of employment, to work through any problems clients may be encountering and find practical solutions.


Alyse also has a background as a primary road rescue officer with the State Emergency Service of NSW. Alyse counsels first responder's from the police, fire brigade, ambulance, SES and VRA and is the only therapist in NSW with a Master's Degree in Psychotherapy and a State Rescue Board Accreditation through the SES. Alyse also holds accreditation in Emergency Center Management Operations.


Alyse believes passionately in equal rights and a world without discrimination. Alyse advocates on behalf of people living with a mental health issue and or disability, to ensure that they are included and supported within their work places, and all other areas among our community, to live without discrimination. We are all walking this journey together and need to support each other. Inclusivity, self worth, self esteem, dignity, protection of rights, personal freedom and growth are all basic human rights that we are all entitled to for ourselves, no matter what we are experiencing.