Alyse Price-Tobler

Clinical Psychotherapist and Counsellor
Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling
SRBoard Accredited SES Primary Road Rescue Officer (prev)


Do you need an advocate?  Alyse has professional experience with clients living with intellectual and mental health issues to prepare for, gain and maintain employment from her prior position with Jobsupport Inc, Kingsgrove, NSW. 
Alyse can provide client advocacy, individually tailored to your needs and budget and is available for advocacy work with employers on behalf employees if you are having trouble getting your opinions across, or your voice heard in your workplace. Sometimes, employers may need assistance to tailor programs to suit employees experiencing difficulties,  and this can be done easily and efficiently through advocacy. 
Often it is in an employers best interest to support an employee going through hard times to stay in work, as training a new person can be expensive and time consuming. Helping an employee to get through a hard time can produce more loyalty and gratitude as well as a deeper commitment to the company once they are feeling better.
It is often a good idea to have mediation between an employer and employee if either party feels that they are not feeling understood. It is important to try and do this before warnings are handed out, which can often frustrate employers and scare and intimidate employees. Sometimes a simple conversation can keep all parties happy and the employee can thrive in their employment. 
Ongoing counselling support through difficult times at work can often be the key to maintaining employment. This can be long or short term depending upon the people involved and individual needs. This can take many forms, from face to face work place visits, to phone support counselling.