Alyse Price-Tobler

Clinical Psychotherapist and Counsellor
Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling
SRBoard Accredited SES Primary Road Rescue Officer (prev)

Rates for one hour counselling session

Counselling for one person- $120 per 60 minute session. 

Counselling for couples-$150 per 60 minute session

Students and DSP recipients- $90 per 60 minute session.

NDIS clients- no charge

We like to keep our prices down so that more people have better access to mental health care.

Cancellation policy: please note that any cancellations within a 48 hour time frame of you consult will be charged in full.

NDIS clients
GREAT NEWS! We are a registered provider for the NDIS, which gives client access to fully subsidised NDIS counselling, under 'therapeutic services'
with Alyse Price-Tobler from Bowral Road Counselling and Psychotherapy.  Session allotments to be decided prior to commencement.

General client rebates

Many professional clients access Psychotherapists and pay privately so that it is not recorded on their mental health record, as is the case when you choose to access a mental health care plan through your GP to receive rebates. General client sessions who come to BCPC (Bowral Road Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre) are not covered by the medicare mental health care plan.

Professional Psychotherapists are highly trained in the use of many different types of therapy for their clients, which allows us to design completely individual and organic treatments for each client.  Another benefit, is we are also able to work with a client for many more sessions, allowing for a much deeper, supported personal transformation to gradually take place within the client, without any time restraints.  You are welcome to come to as many sessions as you feel are required to enable you to achieve what you came for.