Alyse Price-Tobler

Clinical Psychotherapist and Counsellor
Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling
SRBoard Accredited SES Primary Road Rescue Officer (prev)


Psychotherapists are mental health practitioners who come into advanced clinical work through training in the field of psychology, counselling, social work, mental health nursing and general practice medicine. Psychotherapists are also known as counsellors. Psychotherapists do not give advice, but aim to create within the client, a condition of self reflection and personal insight that allow the client to discover their own personal insights while being supported safely in the presence of the therapist. This is then followed on by the counsellors chosen modality that they determine will work best for the client. Alyse is known as an Integrative Therapist and will choose the model that best suits the client, however, the psychodynamic model is often used, which pays attention to developmental history, childhood trauma, childhood attachments, play and memory.


The immediate goal of a Psychotherapist is to settle and alleviate emotional pain experienced by the client. This consists of a series of conversations filled with unconditional positive regard for the client before any treatment can begin. This allows the client to feel understood and heard, enabling the therapist to see through the eyes of the client, allowing for a deeper understanding before any therapeutic intervention can be made. These conversations are entered into with a spirit of sensitivity, understanding and warmth. Clients are invited to speak about anything that is troubling them. This can include negative thoughts about yourself or others, pain, depression, feelings of shame, guilt, despair, obsessive habits and trauma. You may also wish to speak about your future hopes, dreams and desires.