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Sisters to Speak at National and International Suicide Prevention Conferences

Aussie sisters Alyse Price-Tobler (MCAP) and Kylie Crnek Georgeson (Phd candidate) have been invited to present at the upcoming National (Melbourne) and International Suicide Prevention Conferences (Miami).

Alyse is a Clinical Psychotherapist and CEO of Bowral Road Counselling and Psychotherapy Center in Mittagong and will present the ‘SEMPI Social Communication Model’ at the Australian National Suicide Prevention Conference in Melbourne in July.

The SEMPI model asks general community members, “What happens if you ask someone Are You O.K, and they answer NO?”

The ‘SEMPI’ model teaches THE NEXT STEP to the “ARE YOU OK?” question, if this feels too hard to sit with, is confusing, or just doesn't feel right. Kylie Crnek Georgeson is a post graduate teaching fellow and researcher from the Macarthur area, in the final year of her PhD with the Ageing Work and Health Research Unit, Sydney University. Her thesis is titled "Retirement Pathways, mental well-being and suicidal behaviour in older rural Australians".

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