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Psychotherapy Southern Highlands
Psychotherapy Southern Highlands
Business Consultation and Advice Regarding Staff Experiencing Problems with Mental Health/Disability

Dr Price-Tobler has extensive experience working with clients living with a disability or mental illness who are working at the same time. A big component of my work is providing support to both the client and management to keep all parties happy, clear, and on the same page.


If staff need extra support for any reason, then a consultation on the work premises can be arranged for a short or longer period of time, depending on the circumstances. 

Managing the Mental Health of Workers in Your Business

Dr Price-Tobler can provide advice to you and your staff to assist people who are experiencing mental health and or disability to stay in employment. This helps reduce absenteeism, increases productivity and creates a mentally safe and healthy work environment. This ultimately saves the company money and allows the person to stay working as part of the team while transitioning through their presenting issues. 

Consultation work can include advice on working with a staff member through their difficult times (divorce, death, etc) to stay at work, workplace interventions and mediation, counselling and debriefing of emergency workers, health professional field education for front-line community workers, including ethical staff practices.

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