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  Specialised counselling for adult survivors of Parental Alienation 

When looking for a therapist who counsels adult survivors of parental alienation,it's imperative that they have a deep, extensive knowledge of the clinical literature regarding pathological alignment, alienation and estrangement, and pathological enmeshment, as well substantial knowledge and understanding of borderline, narcissistic, and sociopathic personality disorders. Counsellors dealing with this type of work also need a high level degree, like a Masters or above. The reason for the latter point is that such personality disorders are not only common among alienating parents (and virtually ubiquitous among severe alienators), but are often missed by non-specialists, in part because individuals with these disorders tend to be master manipulators who are charming and highly-skilled at managing first impressions. They also tend to be pathologically dependent which helps to explain the pathological enmeshment with the child.

Alyse is herself an adult child of PA, and is currently studying this field for her PhD research. Alyse only works with the adult survivors, not with children or parents who are currently experiencing PA themselves.