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Rates and Cancellation Policy


Rates for 50-minute counselling sessions

Generalised Counselling for one person- $140 (plus GST) per 50-minute session. 


Specialised Counselling and support for clients experiencing high conflict divorce, or parental alienation. Please note that Dr Price-Tobler does not work with clients who are actively involved in family court matters. $250 (plus GST) per 50-minute session.

Specialised Counselling for adult-child survivors of child psychological abuse (Parental Alienation): $180 (plus GST) per 50-minute session.

Counselling for couples: $190 (plus GST) per 50-minute session


Counselling for students: $140 (plus GST) per 50-minute session.


Mentoring professional counsellors: $150 (plus GST) per 50-minute session


NDIS clients: charged at the current NDIS rate on behalf of a client

GREAT NEWS! We are a registered provider of the NDIS, which gives clients access to fully subsidised NDIS counselling and onsite respite under 'therapeutic services' with Dr Alyse Price-Tobler from Bowral Road Counselling and Psychotherapy.  The number of sessions depends on the number of NDIS sessions allocated to each recipient. This will be discussed at commencement.


We also offer a professional onsite respite service for NDIS clients to come and stay either by themselves or with their support worker! Please refer to the NDIS client respite service section for more information.


Crisis counselling face-to-face in Mittagong is $250 (plus GST) per 50-minute session.


Crisis counselling where travelling to the client is required is $250 (plus GST and kilometres) per 50 minutes. This rate is charged when travelling to the site commences and includes time to return to the office. Petrol is not included in this rate and is added on and dependent on the kilometres travelled.

Mental Health Care Plan Rebates

Many professional clients access Psychotherapists and pay privately so that it is not recorded on their mental health record, as is the case when you choose to access a mental health care plan through your GP to receive rebates. The Medicare mental health care plan does not cover General client sessions at Bowral Road Counselling and Psychotherapy Center.

Cancellation policy:


Please note that any general client cancellations within a 48-hour time frame of your consultation will be charged in full. NDIS clients must give seven days' notice or be charged in full as per NDIS guidelines.

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