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About The Therapist-Qualifications, Experience, Projects 

About The Therapist 

I am a fully qualified, professionally trained Clinical Psychotherapist and Counsellor with 33 years experience in the field of disabilities and mental health within the community.​ I see members of the general public for all areas of mental health, however I specialise in anxiety, depression, severe and persistent mental illness, domestic violence, and emergency first responder's (SES, fire, police, ambulance officer's).

I believe passionately in equal rights and a world without discrimination. I advocate on behalf of people living with a mental health issue and/or disability to ensure that they are included and supported within their work places, and all other areas in our community, My goal is to see everyone live without discrimination. We are all walking this journey together and need to support each other. Inclusivity, self worth, self esteem, dignity, protection of rights, personal freedom and growth are all basic human rights that we are all entitled to for ourselves, no matter what we are experiencing.

I am available to help you return to feeling your best in a safe non-judgemental environment.



My Qualifications  


I currently hold a Master's Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and am a registered member of PACFA Australia.


Master's Degree Thesis

For my Masters Degree Thesis, I conducted extensive research that measured 'stigma from the general public toward women who were experiencing primary homelessness,while living with a disability and or mental illness in Sydney, Australia.'  The research participants were all from The Exodus Foundation, in Ashfield, NSW.

Therapist Experience

I have had a life long passion and dedication for my work in our community. I have an extensive 30+ year professional career in the areas of disability and mental health in Western Sydney. I have worked as a professional counsellor, psychotherapist, front line crisis worker/case manager, community care worker, disability employment support specialist and Western Sydney DES Area Manager for the SFNSW (also known as 'One Door').

Current Projects

SEMPI Social Communication Model

I am the author and creator of 'The SEMPI Model of Communication ©". The Australian designed SEMPI Social Communication Model teaches and empowers any community member (child or adult), from any social class, how to have a deeper level of conversation, if you ask someone, ‘Are you OK?’ and they say "No".

SEMPI teaches the next step to the 'Are you OK?' question, if this question feels too hard to sit with, seems confusing, or just doesn't feel right for the person saying 'No.' 


STILL Digital Recording

I am the author and featured speaker in the the digital recording  series known as "STILL ©' 'how to settle your anxious thoughts and learn to be still' in collaboration with world renowned musician, teacher and author, Tania Rose. You can download a free copy of this album from Bandcamp.

Damo's Law

I am working to mentor and help Tessa Sarich with her project and petition named "Damo's Law.' Damos Law is named after Tessa's brother Damien, who died by suicide, and is a law that we are trying to get passed at Parliament House that will allow anyone who is feeling at imminent risk of suicide, the chance to get a second opinion if they feel that the mental health services are not listening to them.

Local Animal Shelter Committee Member

I am a current serving committee member (3 years) for our local animal shelter, known as FOWAS (friends of Wingecaribee animal shelter)