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 SEMPI Social Communication Model

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Please note that the SEMPI Social Communication Model has its own home on the web. This page provides a broad outline of the model and its uses, but to get all the information, please visit

What Happens if You Ask Someone,  "Are you ok?" and They Answer "No"?

Dr Price-Tobler has written the (Australian-designed) SEMPI Social Communication Model to teach and empower any community member (child or adult) from any social class how to have a deeper level of conversation if you ask someone, ‘Are you ok?’ and they say "No".


The ‘SEMPI Social Communication Model’ (pronounced Sem-pie) has been developed primarily with the purpose of reducing ''the tribal stigma of race, nation, and religion" without communities.

This model is now in over 25 countries!

How is the SEMPI Social Communication Model Helping Our Communities to Heal?
  • teaches the next step to the 'Are you ok?' question if this question feels too hard to sit with, seems confusing, or doesn't feel right for the person saying 'No.' 

  • teaches community members deeper level empathetic conversation skills (in under 20 minutes) to instigate when someone is not ok and needs to talk straightaway. 

  • is written to teach community empowerment, reduce stigma and loneliness, and save lives.

  • has a ‘pay it forward' philosophy so that it can get out into the community faster. 

  • works by having two people sit together (a Listener and a Sharer). The 'Sharer' asks the 'Listener' to run through the SEMPI SCM with them, and together they can speak about exactly what is happening in the 'Sharer's' life for them right now, then they can swap roles and pay it forward!

  • teaches 'Social and Emotional Learning' activities (SEL). 

  • promotes a broader 'needs' and personal insight vocabulary. 

  • strengthens the skills of communication so that all parties feel heard, validated, and understood while teaching practical listening skills, which are crucial to allowing community members to feel truly heard. Learning these skills may lead to a more equal social class power balance while crossing race, creed, age, colour and religion.

  • gives an immediate snapshot into a person's mental and physical health right at that moment so that a concise and accurate plan can be devised,  if needed, by the 'Listener' and the 'Sharer' and then shared with a health care professional when necessary. 

  • is designed to stop the loneliness, silence, stigma, and isolation that exists within our communities and can be used intergenerationally!

  • is helping to create a world where people do not simply survive but engage in a way that works to achieve invigorating internal and interpersonal satisfaction. 

  • is currently being used within the community to allow all members, no matter their story, to learn to have an empowered voice while gaining insight into their own story. 


Please note: The SEMPI SCM is not a counselling model. It is a first responder model for the whole community to join together and support each other with!

The SEMPI SCM community model version is free for everyone!


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