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  Professional Art Gallery and Retreat
for Couples and Individuals


Counselling Retreats

Welcome to our Professional Art Gallery and Retreat, where creativity and tranquillity blend seamlessly. We warmly invite couples and individuals to join us for a rejuvenating experience during our Block of Counselling Sessions. Immerse yourself in the world of art and discover the profound connections it can foster within your heart and mind.


Step into a haven of inspiration and self-discovery as we guide you through this transformative journey. Whether you seek to strengthen your bond with your partner or embark on a personal growth expedition, our gallery and retreat are here to embrace you with open arms.


Come, explore, and let the power of art and counselling nurture your soul. We offer intensive 2-day complete onsite counselling and accommodation packages in the beautiful country town of Mittagong, in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia. Our retreat is set in a non-clinical, nature-filled environment with specially designed counselling rooms, with 4.5. star award-winning accommodation nestled in private, established guest gardens & and local wildlife.

What are the Benefits of a Block of Counselling?


Opting for a block of counselling sessions, rather than just one hour per week, offers several advantages that can significantly enhance the therapeutic process and overall experience:

  1. Intensive Focus: A block of counselling sessions allows for concentrated and focused attention on the issues at hand. With four consecutive sessions of 1.5 hours each over two days, clients can delve deeper into their concerns, explore underlying factors, and work towards more profound insights and resolutions.

  2. Continuity and Flow: Consistent sessions within a block maintain momentum and flow, creating a natural progression in the therapeutic journey. This continuity helps build rapport and trust between the client and counsellor, fostering a more effective therapeutic relationship.

  3. Time for Exploration: One hour per week might not be sufficient for addressing complex or deeply rooted issues. A block of sessions offers ample time for exploration, enabling clients to examine various facets of their lives and emotions in a more comprehensive manner.

  4. Immersion and Breakthroughs: Being immersed in the counselling process for a block of sessions can lead to breakthroughs and transformative experiences. Clients have the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the therapeutic environment, enhancing self-awareness and personal growth.

  5. Crisis Management: For individuals dealing with crises or acute challenges, a block of counselling sessions can provide immediate and intensive support. This ensures that clients receive timely intervention and assistance during critical periods.

  6. Practice and Reinforcement: If counselling involves learning new coping strategies or behaviour changes, a block of sessions offer a chance to practice these skills consistently, leading to better integration and reinforcement.

  7. Reduced Relapse Risk: For those working on overcoming certain issues, an extended counselling block can reduce the risk of relapse by providing ongoing support and accountability.

  8. After Care Service: After your block of counselling, you can always get back in touch with Dr Price-Tobler and have maintenance sessions onsite in her 'day practice clinic' or via her virtual rooms.


In summary, while one hour per week can be beneficial for some individuals seeking counselling, a block of counselling sessions offers a more immersive, continuous, and transformative experience that can lead to more profound personal growth and positive outcomes.


Individuals are invited to come into our retreats to work on any issue that may be upsetting them. Support partners are invited to stay but can only come into session if the client agrees. (inc in cost)


Couples who are looking to rekindle their love will learn how to strengthen their communication and listening skills while developing new techniques toward a happier, more fulfilled relationship.

Over the past ten years, there has been a marked increase in the number of people who are living with stress, anxiety and depression. Our specially designed and individually tailored workshops are intensive 2-day retreats for anyone who is experiencing anxiety, depression or daily struggles with complete anonymity and discretion.

Prior to Arrival

Before each individual client or couple come along to the retreat, Dr Price-Tobler will speak to you in her virtual rooms or call you over the phone to design an individually tailored plan just for your specific needs, unless you are a current client (we can talk about the program design while you are in session). Support persons are invited to sit in on clients receiving individual sessions if the client receiving counselling agrees. 

After Care

After clients leave the retreat, they can choose to continue to receive online and or telephone support to help them to keep still walking on their recovery journey, and can always return for individual counselling with an additional retreat package or a 1-hour session ($140 per hour plus GST ) or $190 (plus GST) per hour for couples. This is based on a generalist level of counselling, not trauma work or high-conflict divorce, or parental alienation.

Not all Counselling Happens in a Counselling Room

Our retreats are unique and not just based in a counselling room. Dr Price-Tobler will often perform counselling in the mindfulness garden, and at other times, it may be optimal to leave the premises to help you learn new ways to explore your emotions.

For example, clients may go down the street into town with Dr Price-Tobler to work with symptoms of agoraphobia, social anxiety, phobias, or managing panic attacks in public. There are also lots of animals on the property and in the surrounding areas to cuddle and feed!


Location and Activities

Our workshops are located in the beautiful country town of Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of NSW and can be attended alone, with a partner staying here but not receiving counselling, or as a couple.

Mittagong is about halfway between Canberra and Sydney (2 hours drive either way) and is renowned for its cooler climate, rainforest and bush walks, waterfalls, wineries, amazing restaurants, art galleries, shopping, markets, festivals and quaint villages. We are a 10-minute walk or 1-minute drive into the town of Mittagong, with many little shops, pubs and award-winning restaurants to dine in. It is a 2-hour drive or train ride from Mascot or Canberra airport. There is also a taxi rank, an award-winning bakery (Gum Nut Patisserie) and a local brewery (Eden Brewery) with a food truck permanently parked out the front serving up some of the best burgers you’ll find in the Southern Highlands! Both of these amazing businesses are on the next street, only 2 minutes walk away!

On-Site Accommodation in our Art Gallery BnB

Our calming and unique Counselling Retreat offers an all-inclusive onsite experience designed to nurture your well-being. As part of your package, you have the option to stay in our professional 'Art Gallery and Bed and Breakfast' located on the property, ensuring a truly seamless and rejuvenating counselling journey.

Immerse yourself in the luxurious 4.5-star self-contained accommodation, which has earned an impressive average annual rating of 9.2 from We are proud to share that Hotels Combined has bestowed upon Bowral Road BNB Counselling Retreat their esteemed 'Recognition of Excellence Award,' recognising our outstanding average guest rating of 9.2. This accolade places us in the top 3% of hotel accommodations in Australia.







Art Gallery BNB

Our exclusive BnB stands apart as the only "Art Gallery BnB" in Australia, providing an artistic ambience that showcases captivating Australian artwork. To see our unique BnB, go to


Tracey Esteves's Art is featured in every room of our Art Gallery BnB. Tracey is a proactive and passionate visual artist, a “mixer “and “producer “of figurative culturally Australian-inspired works. Tracey's artwork references Australian history and iconography and explores the varying relationships between popular culture and fine art. Her work appropriates, produces and mixes images from popular Australian culture, which merge high and low art and explore colour and shape. Her artwork captures the viewer, providing a sense of familiarity and enchantment within her culturally Australian-inspired works.

Cheryl Davison is also a featured artist here. Cheryl Davison is a Walbunja, Ngarigo Indigenous woman. As a child, she spent precious time sitting next to her grandfather in his old wooden boat on the shores of Wallaga Lake on the Far South Coast of New South Wales. Cheryl’s grandmother was a Ngarigo woman from the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales. As a young child, Cheryl’s grandmother was stolen away from country and never had the chance to return home in her lifetime. Cheryl has studied and taught visual arts, graphic arts and printmaking. It was these foundations that shaped her life and fostered the artist and storyteller that she has become, exhibiting nationally and internationally. Cheryl has her amazing artwork on display at The National Museum of Australia You can also view Cheryl's artworks at

Also showcasing their incredible paintings here are local Indigenous Aboriginal artists Louise Kartnyeri Forster and Pamela Luke (both from Gundungurra Country).

Your counselling accommodation is nestled within a serene setting, surrounded by a diverse landscape featuring a charming fairy garden and frequented by local birds and wildlife. Embrace the tranquillity of our retreat, where two separate king-bed suites overlook the enchanting garden. The well-established garden also offers four break-out areas, inviting you to relax, practice yoga or meditation, feed the birds, unwind in the double hammocks, interact with the resident possums, read, doze, or simply observe the soothing pond nestled in the apple tree courtyard.


























At our Retreat, we take pride in our unique features, including the mindfulness garden adorned with various calming water features, fragrant incense burning, and five separate chill-out seating areas. Each corner has been thoughtfully designed to promote a sense of peace and serenity.


Your accommodation costs cover afternoon tea and a selection of items for a light continental breakfast, thoughtfully provided in your fridge. For an additional cost, you can indulge in a delicious breakfast basket with ingredients to cook yourself (such as bacon and eggs) whenever you like. This is placed in your fridge the night before. As part of your stay, we offer complimentary port and chocolates, luxurious linens, a private en suite, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and windows that open onto the picturesque garden.


Furthermore, you can enjoy an electric blanket, a flat-screen TV, a private entrance, and convenient free on-street parking. Our dining room and kitchenette are fully equipped with cooking facilities, a dishwasher, cups, plates and crockery. Also available is an assortment of tea and coffee, hot chocolate, and homemade snacks, which are at your disposal 24 hours a day.



We invite you to experience the calming and serene ambience of our professional Counselling Retreat, where every detail has been carefully curated to provide you with an unparalleled retreat experience. Unwind, rejuvenate, and embark on your transformative journey in our tranquil oasis.

Weekend 3-day Professional Counselling Retreat

2 x 3 hours (total 6 hours) of intensive individual and couples counselling. You arrive Friday afternoon, and we start the counselling sessions with Dr Price-Tobler on Saturday and Sunday. You also receive a BONUS night (Sunday) to wander around and explore the beautiful Southern Highlands on Monday.

Couples: All inclusive $2,500 (plus GST).

Individuals: All inclusive $2,300 (plus GST).


This price includes 4.5-star accommodation in our Gallery BnB onsite,

and afternoon teas and breakfast each day.

For hundreds more photos of our Art Gallery BnB and the surrounding areas of the Southern Highlands, please head over to our Facebook page and check out what you will see when you visit here!

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