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Purchase the latest research books by Dr Price-Tobler, released on 21.6.24. (Link below).


Dear colleagues and adult survivors of child psychological abuse related to severe parental alienation,


With deep sincerity and a sense of purpose, I present Volumes One and Two of my pioneering three-volume book series. Having personally endured severe child psychological abuse and parental abduction during my own childhood, I am profoundly committed to understanding and addressing these critical issues.


Drawing from my twin study doctoral thesis titled Working with Adult Child Survivors of Severe Parental Alienation Abuse: Survivors and Mental Health Practitioners Perspectives, I explore this complex subject in depth. Volume One delves into the firsthand accounts of adult-child survivors and their interactions with mental health practitioners (MHPs) who supported them through their childhood trauma. The research data within are both heartbreaking and inspiring, offering a poignant look at the complex challenges combined with the resilience and strength of survivors.


In Volume Two, I shift the focus to insights from the cohort of world-leading MHPs who specialise in trauma therapy for adult child survivors of severe parental alienation (SPA). This volume serves as a comprehensive resource guide for MHPs, offering insights, strategies, treatment choices and risk mitigation techniques drawn from my PhD thesis on the challenges faced by practitioners treating adult child survivors. Additionally, this volume addresses the experiences of MHPs working within the family court system, highlighting the vicarious trauma they endure, the toll it takes on their mental and physical health, the lack of clinical supervision, and the threats they face in this challenging field.


Both volumes are drawn from my twin study PhD and include the potential new discovery of a specific phobia among children who have experienced severe levels of parental alienation and abduction under 8 years of age. They also encompass a myriad of unpublished anomalous data reporting potential links between autoimmune diseases and cancer among adult survivors. This anomalous data fell outside the PhD criteria and was kept aside to add to these volumes as post-doctoral material, contributing to a further understanding of this complex topic.


Volume Three, due to come out soon, introduces a comprehensive treatment framework for MHPs working with adult survivors, building upon my postdoctoral research. This volume aims to provide practical tools and approaches that can be implemented in therapeutic settings, contributing to more effective and compassionate care with an aim to reduce suicide among the survivor cohort.


With 38 years of frontline experience in disabilities and mental health, I bring a unique 'lived experience insider researcher' perspective on the complex dynamics of SPA. My insights are informed by my roles as an academic researcher, an MHP, and a child survivor, offering a holistic understanding of these issues. As a child of severe psychological abuse and parental abduction, I have spent a lifetime seeking professional help, most of which did more harm than good and cost me a fortune. This journey has driven me to find purpose and meaning in my experiences, professionally building on what worked, what didn't, and why. 


Additionally, I have lived experience as an alienated mother (my alienating mother coerced my son to turn against me and align with her) and an alienated grandmother. Fortunately, I have restored these relationships and am no longer alienated from my son or grandson. Through reunification, psychoeducation, empathy, and perseverance, I have fostered a deeper level of understanding and healing within our intergenerational trauma lines and those that have infiltrated our immediate family, ensuring the needs of the children are placed first and creating a foundation for lasting change. My life mission is to stop the trauma from being passed down, and I'm happy to report that this is the case in my family thus far.


Hailing from just south of Sydney, Australia, my life's work also aims to provide invaluable insights for a diverse audience, including mental health professionals, family law court professionals, medical practitioners, medical students, university students, adult survivors and anyone with an interest in this underresearched and misunderstood area of mental and physical health research. This three-book series is intended to be essential resources and complementary textbooks for those committed to their own personal healing journeys, preventing suicide and stopping intergenerational trauma through a better understanding of the effects of child psychological abuse on adult survivors and their mental health practitioners during treatment.


I am releasing my work to the world in the hope that it will inspire other researchers to take a greater interest in adult survivors of child psychological abuse related to severe level parental alienation and abduction. I encourage them to build on my work, which has been inspired by earlier researchers, their student researchers, and other adult survivors who are still silent from the trauma and those who have found the courage to speak up. I am truly grateful to the adult survivor research cohort and the brave MHPs cohort who offered to participate in my research and share their valuable knowledge with the world. This research has never been attempted before, and this is the culmination of my efforts. I am proud, excited and humbled by what I have discovered.


My hope is that this work serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action for all those involved in the care and support of survivors. By sharing my story and research, I strive to foster a deeper connection and understanding, making the path to healing a little clearer for all of us who work in this complex, difficult, and rewarding field.

Warm regards,

Dr. Alyse Price-Tobler

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